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Pearl Creek Farm: 8878 N Farm Road 75, Walnut Grove MO 65770

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Date Type Location Activity
2020-09-09 Landscape Home Mowed trails
2020-09-09 Landscape Home Trimmed trails
2020-08-18 Landscape Home Mowed trails
2020-08-10 Landscape Home: B Trimmed trails
2020-08-08 Landscape Home: C Trimmed trails
2020-08-07 Landscape Home: A, C Trimmed trails
2020-08-06 Landscape Home Mowed trails
2020-07-15 Landscape Home Mowed trails
2020-07-04 Landscape Home Mowed trails
2020-07-02 Landscape Home Mowed and trimmed trails in Unit A and in front of the workshop
2020-06-18* Landscape Home Mowed trails
2020-06-13 Landscape Home Trimmed trails and cover boards on Trail C
2020-06-13 Landscape Home Mowed trails
2020-06-11 Landscape Home Trimmed branches along Trail C
2020-06-11 Landscape Home Trimmed trails and cover boards on Trails A and B
2020-06-10 Landscape Home Picked up downed branches along trails
2020-06-08 Landscape Home Trimmed branches and drooping vegetation along trail to Comma Pond
2020-06-07 Landscape Home Mowed trails
2020-06-01 Landscape Home: Workshop Trimmed trees near workshop door
2020-06-01 Landscape Home Mowed trails
2020-05-25 Landscape Home: D4 Rebuilt waterway on south side of house into creek
2020-05-23 Landscape Home Mowed trails
2020-05-20 Landscape Home: H123 Trimmed stray branches from boundary trail
2020-05-12 Landscape Home Updated schematic farm map with point locations and trails
2020-05-10 Landscape Home Trimmed trails and cover boards
2020-05-10 Landscape Home Mowed trails
2020-05-07 Landscape Home Created new location list for farm and published to web site
2020-05-04 Landscape Home: D4 Shored up some washed out areas near creek
2020-05-03 Landscape Home Sold Craftsman tractor
2020-04-27 Landscape Home: D34 Collected unused white limestone and place in washed out areas near house
2020-04-26 Landscape Home Mowed trails
2020-04-18 Landscape Home: D34 Spread leaves over disturbed soil
2020-04-16 Landscape Home: D34 Added new rock retaining wall for creek
2020-04-14 Landscape Home: H1 Procured 2x6 boards to build bridge across creek
2020-04-01 Landscape Home Purchased electric self-propelled mower for trails
2020-03-01* Landscape Home Mowed trails
2020-02-28 Landscape Home: D34 Removed five trees (three sycamores, two oaks) from creek banks
2019-12-27 Landscape Home Fitted new fire flappers
2019-12-08 Landscape Home: D2 Removed fallen tree on trail
2019-05-04 Landscape Home: I5 Fallen girdled honey locust cut up and removed from fence
2018-06-24 Landscape Home: House Pulled trumpet vine from the front of the house
2015-01-25* Landscape Home: A1234 Posted new “Do Not Mow” and “Prairie Restoration” signs along road
2015-01-21* Landscape Home Downloaded a new Google Maps satellite image of the farm
2014-03-22 Landscape Home Preparation for controlled burn
2014-02-02* Landscape Home: G1 Removed large walnut tree overhanging Comma Pond
2014-01-20* Landscape Home Removed some interior fence and wire
2014-01-20 Landscape Home Recycled old fence and posts
2013-05-14 Landscape Home Mowed
2012-11-25* Landscape Home: C3 Installed safety rails on bridge across Sandstone Spring branch
2012-09-01* Landscape Home: D1 Built new sandbox for Julian just east of shed
2012-05-07* Landscape Home: A1234 Posted “Do Not Mow” signs along road
2011-04-01* Landscape Home: D567 Collected large sandstone rocks from geothermal project and relocated to hillside
2011-03-12 Landscape Home Mowed
2010-12-01* Landscape Home: G1 Comma Pond reworked by geothermal equipment
2010-09-18 Landscape Home Preparation for controlled burn
2010-08-01 Landscape Home Mowed
2010-05-22 Landscape Home: EFG2 Removed old fence material
2010-05-16 Landscape Home: EFG1 Removed old fence material
2010-04-11 Landscape Home: G1 Removed old fence material
2010-04-10 Landscape Home Removed some interior fence material
2010-03-10 Landscape Home Created trail from C7 to E7
2010-03-07 Landscape Home Created trail at CD7
2010-03-06 Landscape Home Created trail from H1 to I3
2010-02-27* Landscape Home: H1 Placed logs, branches, sticks, and debris in creek to control erosion
2009-09-20* Landscape Home: AB4567 Cleared trail from SW1 to SW3
2009-09-01* Landscape Home Installed boundary fence around our part of the farm
2009-07-08 Landscape Home Mowed
2009-07-05 Landscape Home Cut fire lines in upper pasture
2009-05-15 Landscape Home Burned brushpile
2008-11-09 Landscape Home Burned brushpile
2008-10-12 Landscape Home Marked estimated eastern boundary of farm with fence posts
2008-10-12 Landscape Home Mowed trails
2008-08-13 Landscape Home Mowed
2008-08-05 Landscape Home Mowed
2008-07-13 Landscape Home Mowed
2008-06-29 Landscape Home Mowed
2008-06-16 Landscape Home Mowed
2008-06-05 Landscape Home Mowed
2008-05-17 Landscape Home Mowed
2008-05-03 Landscape Home Auction at workshop and shed
2008-05-03 Landscape Home Purchased Craftsman tractor at auction for mowing and farm work

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