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Pearl Creek Farm: 8878 N Farm Road 75, Walnut Grove MO 65770

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Date Type Location Activity
2019-11-09 Farming Home Collected several passion fruits to eat and sow seeds
2018-05-17* Farming Home: C1 Planted large garden of tomatoes and peppers
2015-04-15* Farming Home Sold 1983 Chevrolet Cheynne
2015-02-23 Farming Home: C1 Delivery of limestone sand to seat rain collection water tank
2011-11-05* Farming Home: Shed Built up enclosed area for chickens in shed
2011-06-14* Farming Home: D1 Chicken killed, probably by a black ratsnake
2010-10-23 Farming Home: EF567 Removed several walnut trees in this area and made brushpiles
2010-10-18 Farming Home: EF567 Marked good walnut trees to keep
2010-08-01 Farming Home: D1 Attempted predation of chickens by a black ratsnake
2010-06-19 Farming Home: D1 Attempted predation of chickens by a black ratsnake
2010-06-16 Farming Home: D1 Purchased an 1100 food-grade tank for rainwater harvesting at shed
2010-06-03 Farming Home: D1 Unknown predator removed several chickens overnight
2010-04-10 Farming Home Removed two downed red oak and two downed ash logs for sawmill
2010-03-27 Farming Home: C1 Installed gutters on shed to harvest rainwater
2009-06-01* Farming Home: D1 Built enclosed chicken pen at shed
2008-10-12 Farming Home Collected walnuts
2008-08-01* Farming Home Purchased used 1983 Chevrolet Cheyenne pickup

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